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Although I have previously been having problems with the screencapture tool in Sametime I still use it a lot. Today I was surprised to discover that it uses the clipboard to transfer data between the screencapture component and the text input box. The clipboard is also used when sending the captured data directly to the chat partner. The fact that any unsent message in the text area is lot when doing that is a topic for another post.

Using the clipboard is fine by then why isn’t the contents of the clipboard restored after submitting? What if I had some important stuff on the clipboard I was using? Hmm… To me this isn’t a nice user experience.

P.S.: I’m running Sametime 8 in Notes 8.0.1.

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  1. You bring up a very good point.  I’m going to provide this as feedback to our development team and see if there’s a reason they built it this way or if there’s something they can do about it going forward.   


  2. Yeah I don’t see a technical reason why it has to use the clipboard, it’s all happening within Sametime anyway.  So they could move the object around.  

    I found another funny with their screen capture if you grab a transparent window it doesn’t.


  3. Just to clarify, it doesn’t actually use the clipboard to transfer data. The reason it was put on the clipboard was a residual "feature" that was added in 7.5.1 to have the screen capture on the clipboard so you could use the screenshot tool to just take screenshots and paste them wherever you wanted (as opposed to only using it to send screenshots to your chat partner). This was changed in 8.0 when we introduced the Edit->Copy menu item to copy to clipboard as well as the screenshot tool button on the contact list, but the original "feature" of pasting it onto the clipboard wasn’t removed.


  4. I spoke to the design and development team, and we’re opening an SPR, because we agree that you shouldn’t lose what’s in clipboard while doing the screen capture.

    However, we’re not able to replicate what you’re seeing in losing unsent text when doing a screengrab.  Could you provide a little more detail on what you’re trying to do when you see that? 

    Also – I’m not sure I’m following the 2nd comment above about grabbing a transparent window?


  5. The screen capture tool has taken over my Print Screen key.  I use SnagIt for captures and want to use it with the Print Screen button.  I cannot find any kind of settings for the screen capture function.  My collegues do not have the same problem.  Very frustrating.

    Are there settings for this somewhere??


  6. When I hit print screen the SameTime print screen dialog/process starts.  Exactly the same thing that heppens when I hit the button in the SameTime client. 

    If I mess around with the capture key settings in SnagIt enough I can get it to take the print screen key back, but after I reboot, SameTime takes it back.


  7. I apologize to SameTime. 

    The capture dialog that is coming up when I hit print-screen actually is SnagIt.  I had set it to capture multiple windows at some point and the yellow and orange theme of the dialog looks similar to the dialog SameTime screen capture dialog.  I typically use SnagIt it in a mode that captures single windows and it does not show a dialog.  Anyway, my bad!


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