I know it’s scary but I’m on the Taking Notes Podcast

Yes I know it’s scary but I talked to Bruce and Julian last night and found this morning that the recording was already out. So if you want to learn more about sidebar plugins and the TwitNotes plugin in particular check out the Taking Notes podcast episode 81.

I haven’t listened to the podcast yet myself so it will be interesting to hear how I came across, if I’m understandable at all and whether the content is any good. iTunes is downloading…

One thought on “I know it’s scary but I’m on the Taking Notes Podcast”

  1. Clearly the most informative Taking Notes Podcast, ever. Ok, admit to be a bit biased topic-wise.

    My latest theories on the Java thing: 

    Whats difficult to get is, that Java is not only a programming language, but also a basis for a lot of platforms.

    Like Eclipse is a platform. A lot of the plumbing is allready offered by the Eclipse infrastructure  or other plug-ins. That gives the opportunities.

    I am giving a weekly Java course internally and I try to show how real world Java projects might look this years. And its very hard to not loose the audience. Sudenly its not a piece of code, but all this little methods wired by spring and using those funny ibatis-sql-files. Annotated transactions.

    I think this is much more like Notes, which is also kind of a framework. Or Expeditor on top of Eclipse RCP. Probably not easy to make people trust the framework, so that they invest some time to understand how to make proper use of it. And lots of people still seem to see Java as a programming languages for C++ type guy and not like a basis for cost efective platforms, which do save coding.


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