Week in review

Man it has been a busy week. I had Monday off due to Easter (national holiday in Denmark) but since then it’s been busy, busy, busy…

Besides being at a customer site all week incl. Saturday I hadn’t really expected the level of interest there would be in the TwitNotes plugin for Notes 8. Of cause I expected some to install it and try it out but not to the degree I have seen and heard about. I certainly got to test the comment system on lekkimworld.com – boy I have received a lot of comments. I would like to say thank you to all those who commented and all those who have contacted me by e-mail. The level of interest has been astounding and flattering.

Looking back it has also been an interesting journey from a development perspective as it has certainly brought some of the strengths and weaknesses of the “new” Notes platform into the light. I don’t think there’s much doubt that the platform is powerful and there’s potential but I was surprised to discover the level of difference in SWT performance and functionality across the different platforms (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and Mac). It certainly takes some more consideration than plain ol’ Notes development.

Today I’m spending some time helping out my girl friends dad install and configure a new computer. Other than that I hope to get some time to work on TwitNotes. Yesterday I did some for on the UI to detect and handle links in posts to make them clickable. It sounds and seems simple but now that the table data is custom drawn to handle text wrapping nothing is simple. I have the fundamentals done already though.