TwitNotes – ready for installation

TwitNotes v. 1.0 is ready for installation via a remote update site. Installation and configuration instructions can be found at Be sure to read the Configuration section on how to configure your Twitter credentials.

Post questions as comments below. I hope the plugin works for you as well… 🙂

28 thoughts on “TwitNotes – ready for installation”

  1. Nice!

    I can post from the plug-in and see it in Twitter though can’t see my twittered text in the table under the tweet! button.

    There are entries.

    First column a icon,

    second column : my twitter name in braces

    3rd column: empty, may be there should be no 3rd column, but in my case there is one, its large and I can’t change its size).

    Hoovering over the second column of an entry, I see the text in the yellow tool tip box.


  2. Mikkel

    Thanks for this great effort.  I have installed it and it is working (had to restart Notes one last time to get it to work).  I’ll blog about this later!  Thanks!        


  3. Mikkel…this is really great…thank you!!!  🙂

    One question:  In your screenshot, it appears that the text is wrapping.  In  my client, I can’t get it to wrap, no matter how I resize the sidebar.  Any ideas?  I’ve restarted, but that didn’t seem to help.


  4. hmmm – I have seen times where the second column (the one with the text) wont resize properly on startup and requires a slight readjustment of the sidebar. Besides that nope. Could you send me a screenshot at mh[at]


  5. I just had a problem installing from The update manager barked "The XML stream is not a valid default "site.xml" file. The root tag is not site".

    However, when I installed from the update manager found the site and features.

    After restart it seems to be working fine except for the text wrapping problem I tweeted about…

     Thanks so much for putting this together… and thanks especially for designing it to be extended from the start!


  6. I don’t know anything about creating dynamic popup menus from Notes components but in SWT you can create a MenuManager and a Menu and then do an addMenuListener. Somewhere there, or in between, there is an option to clear the menu before the menu is displayed so you can decide which menu items to show. See removeAllWhenShown in the MenuManager class (

    Is that what you’re looking for?


  7. Are you running Notes 8.0.1 on Windows XP? (trying to find out whether it’s an Eclipse on Windows XP vs Vista issue) or a Notes 8.0.0 vs Notes 8.0.1 issue. Thanks.


  8. Great work and many thanks.

    I also find that the text column does not wrap despite several restarts and resizings.

    Also, when I select any given row the photo is blanked out for some reason. As I switch windows (Alt-Tab) I notice it briefly displays.


  9. Just got back to work this morning and found that it won’t work through the authenticated Proxy Firewall. I believe that this may be an issue that also affects RSS feeds etc. where Expeditor (or Notes 8.0.1) does not correctly or adequately support NTLMv2 authenticated proxies? Hopefully if that is what the issue is then when IBM finally fixes this serious issue then RSS feeds and TwitNotes will both work. Until then… 😦


  10. Well I’m using Apache Commons HttpClient for the Twitter communication so if that supports authenticated proxies we should be good to go. It’s on the list. Thanks.


  11. Nice plugin. I have the line break bug with WinXP as well. However I experienced another bug when trying to diable or uninstall the plugin:

    CWPPR0032E: The requested provisioning operation(s) failed.

      CWPPR0032E: The requested provisioning operation(s) failed.

        CWPPR0545W: Feature com.lekkimworld.feature.attentionotes.core_1.0.0.200803251222 failed to unconfigure due to an unexpected exception.

          AttentioNotes Core Feature ( requires plug-in "org.joda.time".


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