TwitNotes – Update on text wrap issue

As reported on the comments to my earlier post there is an issue with the text not wrapping on Windows XP. The good thing is that I have reproduced the issue on Notes 8.0.1 on Windows XP in a VMWare machine so I can fix the issue. No guarantee as to when though I have a couple of conference calls this week… 🙂

If you’re running XP and not having the text wrap issue please let me know by commenting.

7 thoughts on “TwitNotes – Update on text wrap issue”

  1. This is extremely cool.  I’m commenting on this post as opposed to the others, though, to tell you that I also have the text wrapping (or not) issue, but I’m using the 8.5 beta on OS X 10.52.  Not a complaint, just a data point in case it helps identify the issue. 


  2. Am definitely experiencing this issue.  Would love to have the option to show/hide the pictures.  Thanks so much for letting us share in your toys.


  3. Could you please send me the link to your tool. We are experiencing this problem and it is annoying for some users. Any help you could give would be quite helpful.


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