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TwitNotes is ready for distribution and I have the update site all lined up. Only problem holding me back releasing it is an issue I have with conflicting components from my sidebar plug-in and the Lotus Expeditor platform. My plug-in needs ship with Apache Commons HttpClient v. 3.1 and Apache Commons Lang v. 2.3. For some reason my versions of the components wont deploy to Notes 8 since the components conflict with the versions supplied with Lotus Expeditor. The funny thing is that it works perfectly when launching Notes from the Eclipse IDE.

If anyone has any ideas why this might be so please let me know. Maybe a feature patch? Other ideas?

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  1. You could also release them as a local update site that we can download and install from local.  Even thought hat would break the remote updates, I bet a lot of sites are not letting users do their own installs


  2. Well if I could solve it with a local update site I would but unfortunately that isn’t the problem. The problem that holds back release is a problem with component version conflicts. Btw – using a local update site for installation doesn’t break future feature updates since the url for the update site can be specified in the feature itself.


  3. Chris,

    I think it’s an Expeditor platform thing and not a Notes 8 thing per say that is, it’s something about how Eclipse as a platform handles "conflicting code" with different version numbers.

    As to being blocked I have to say "maybe"… I had an IM discussion with Bob Balfe about it yesterday and he gave me some pointers as to versions of imports vs versions of packages. My initial crack at it afterwards didn’t help so I’m trying to gauge how much work it would be to backport my code to the Expeditor versions of the libraries. I would rather not do it but I would also like just to code the code out the door.

    If you have any resources to help me understand why the platform is behaving as it is I would appreciate any help you could offer.


  4. Lotus should provide a list about which versions of openSource libraries used in Expeditor or Lotus Notes plug-ins. This can really get nasty as the dependencies of the plug-ins being used in ecplipse dev for notes is really complex.

    The ironic point is that OSGi is here to solve such versioning issues, but I have no idea how.


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