Bad news for users

After reading about the current state of affairs for the Sametime community at Adam Gartenbergs and Chris Pippins blog I must say that I’m a bit disappointed. How can it be that IBM choose not to support the latest and greatest of their flagship collaboration client on Of cause it will happen at some point in time but why the wait? Simply get going, edit those sametime.ini files and while you’re at it add the client ids for 8.0.2, 8.0.3, 8.5, 8.5.1…

I’m baffled!

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  1. Version support is only part of the problem.  The server still experiences general issues for users logging on.

    Interesting enough, for a while, IBM also had the Notes 8.0.1 im client blocked on their internal servers, so not just partners.


  2. Partners AND customers Carl.

    I am not baffled. I am disgusted. This is not the way you collaborate with your customers and partners. Someone at IBM should be fired for this


  3. John you know I know it’s customers too.  I have been harking on about how much this setup sucks for the last 4 years in the partner forum 🙂

    I’m not sure who would get fired, I don’t believe anyone was ever truly assigned responsibility for it.


  4. Hi, last date in this discussion was 30 April this year. Does anyone of you know if this problem with 8.0.2 and users is now fixed? Thanks for any suggestions!


  5. On Nov of 2010 was updated to version 8.5.1.

    The access via (web Sametime connect) works fine and you can chat with IBMers without problems.

    The problem remains if you connect with Lotus Notes embedded Sametime Connect (using right now 8.5.2). I can not see the IBMers online and I can not add new ones.

    It had some problems that need to be fixed.. but it is still usable on the web.  I also hope IBM can put more focus on this service.


  6. Update:  I’m using the Lotus Notes embedded ST (Lotus Notes 8.5.3, embedded ST 8.5.1).  While adding users by e-mail ID seems to have been fixed I frequently see users offline that are online.

    I’m getting ready to test LN 9.0 and see if it’s any different.  I suspect it comes with the 8.5.2 embedded ST client but haven’t looked, yet.


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