Sametime widget – would you like to have it?

I was looking through idea jam the other day and saw an idea in the Sametime category and a comment to the idea from Carl Tyler. The idea was to provide an easier way to let users upload their own picture to the Sametime directory (see Make it easy to add Images of People). I thought that it wouldn’t be too difficult so I started coding and I have the Sametime client part ready. I envision a menu item that launch the below dialog box which allows the user to select a picture from the hard drive, have it automatically resized, previewed and then uploaded to the server.

Using a servlet, I also plan to supply, on the Sametime server the picture is inserted into the Domino Directory or the database you use as source for your blackbox. A LDAP implementation should be easily possible as well. This would allow you to have users change their own picture and let you easily get nice business card data for your colleagues.

Before finishing the project I would like to hear if this was something you would consider using.

6 thoughts on “Sametime widget – would you like to have it?”

  1. I think Sametime users would love the ability to change their image right from within Sametime, although we know they’ll complain when sametime doesn’t reflect it immediately. 

    I’m not sure what the corporate IT Department will think though.

    Personally I think it’s a great idea.


  2. > "we know they’ll complain when sametime doesn’t reflect it immediately"

    Hmm… My experience is that the picture is shown immediately after the picture is discovered by the UserInfoServlet or the user updates the business card info from the server.The real question is what makes the client consult the servlet. I, personally, haven’t experiences this as an issue – most problems has been due to incorrectly configured HTTP stacks.


  3. The project kind of got stuck with some of the others that never really got of the ground. The main thing missing is the servlet piece on the server. I haven’t really got an outlook on when it will be done and if it will be done. Wanna do the servlet part?


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