Discovering Notes 8: Vista compatible?

I have been running Notes 8 Standard under Windows Vista (with full Aero UI) for a little under a week now. Besides having to get used to the Vista UI and look’n’feel I’m having issues with one dialog that keeps popping up. I have inserted a screenshot of the dialog below. It seems like it occurs when running Java agents in Domino Designer or when doing meeting invites although it isn’t consistent. Unfortunately it doesn’t switch back to Aero on its own as it says…

Anyone experiencing this as well?

5 thoughts on “Discovering Notes 8: Vista compatible?”

  1. I experienced the same issue while working in the calender but I can’t remember the action. I thought I excepted a meeting invitation and only had it once. (but Vista is only on my home PC so most of my tasks are limited to checking mail)


  2. If you go to the Start menu and type "Services" in the Search box then open "Services". Scroll down to Desktop Window Manager Session Manager.  Then stop the service and then start the service and Aero mode will work. Unfortunately you need to do that each time after you restart Notes and it goes to Basic mode.



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