Exporting DXL for databases with Java web services

Today I needed to export a database application containing a web service written in Java as DXL. How stupid of me to think that I could do this with only Notes.jar on my build path… Doing such an export will make your code throw java.lang.ClassNotFoundExceptions unless you have the following libraries on your build path:

  • jvm/lib/ext/notes.jar (not much surprise there)
  • jvm/lib/ext/websvc.jar (due to missing lotus.domino.websvc.client.Service)
  • jvm/lib/ext/mail.jar (due to missing java.mail.Multipart from lotus.domino.ws.ServiceContext)
  • jvm/lib/ext/jsdk.jar (due to missing javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet)
  • jvm/lib/xml.jar (due to missing org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser)

The above was found by diagnosing and reading ClassNotFoundExceptions in Eclipse at runtime since ClassNotFoundException is a runtime exception.

Now back to exporting…