2 thoughts on “C# for the Java developer”

  1. It is very similar to Java. I find it interesting to think about the often not so subtle differences, which are there. What motivated C# designers to do it differently? Also I understand some things Java5 and even some frameworks better. Not few might be inspired by C# language features (generics, varargs, xml processing in .net looks similar to jdom or xom).
    Excelent books are: “Essential C# 2.0” by Mark Michaelis and “.NET for Java Developers: Migrating to C#” by Jawahar Puvvala and Alok Pota (a bit older, without the C#2.0)

    Nothing bad to look over the fence from time to time.
    I am motivated to learn more about xforms and webservices in .net.


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