So Lotus – how about that CSI view connector for Outlook?

Microsoft is opening the PST file format and making documentation available for developers to read/write and recreate PST files on other platforms. You can read more about it on (Outlook PST: Open for Business where Paul Thurrott writes:

“So Microsoft will provide documentation so that any third party vendor can recreate the PST format on other platforms, for free and without fear of recourse, and interoperate with PST files more seamlessly. The potential results of this transformation are far-reaching. One imagines Google email servers that interoperate directly with PST file stores on Windows PCs, Macs, or Linux boxes. Or perhaps third party email solutions that can take an existing PST file and make the migration to a new solution easier than ever before.”

Reading this I’m left think: “hmmmm – so Lotus – what about that CSI view connector for Outlook?”. Admitting that I do not know which API’s are available now, wouldn’t this mean that Lotus could write a CSI view connector for Notes that would allow using Notes as the frontend to PST data files? I remember hearing about the new view technology in Notes 8 (that is Java views == CSI views) and it being mentioned that Notes 8 could just as well read data from Outlook. Well here’s your chance. It’s an intriguing thought… 🙂

What to do when POP3 is not allowed in Microsoft Outlook?

I’m helping a customer migrate e-mails from a Notes mail databases to Microsoft Outlook MSG-file format today. For this process we needed to extract all the e-mails using Outlook POP3 access to Domino. Nice and easy. Unfortunately the installed Outlook client didn’t allow us to configure a POP3 account in Outlook. What to do? Look to Google to provide the answer.