What to do when POP3 is not allowed in Microsoft Outlook?

I’m helping a customer migrate e-mails from a Notes mail databases to Microsoft Outlook MSG-file format today. For this process we needed to extract all the e-mails using Outlook POP3 access to Domino. Nice and easy. Unfortunately the installed Outlook client didn’t allow us to configure a POP3 account in Outlook. What to do? Look to Google to provide the answer.

2 thoughts on “What to do when POP3 is not allowed in Microsoft Outlook?”

  1. POP3 is mail only and does not allow you to migrate calendar and contact information. If you are licensed to use Notes, you can also use Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook, which will “replicate” all of your Notes mail, calendar and contact info to a PST ie. Outlook. But why would you. Notes is much better. But that is just my opinion, and yes I am biased.

    Love to see blogs on Notes and Domino and all the other cool stuff from…oh yes my company. Keep it coming.


  2. We actually started using Domino for Outlook but it kept crashing on us which is why we ended up using POP3. The mail database was e-mail only so this approach worked fine for us. While Domino for Outlook kept crashing it kept fetching which was fine. The real problem was it wanted to fetch all e-mails to the NSF-file before updating the PST-file which in turn meant that the NSF-file continued to grow while the PST-file never saw any e-mails… 😦

    And don’t worry – I’m not switching clients any time soon… 😉


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