Luis not able to co-present with me at Lotusphere

Got word the other day that Luis Benitez wont be able to join me on stage at Lotusphere 2012 due to a conflicting session. So much for planning. So if all you were hoping for to see at our my session was Luis then I have to disappoint you. I will still be there though doing my out most to teach you about widget development for IBM Connections so be sure you mark your calendar for BP207 🙂

See you there!

LotusLive Symphony now available on Greenhouse

As shown at Lotusphere conference earlier this month the artist formally known as Project Concord is now available to the general public as LotusLive Symphony. LotusLive Symphony is the IBM productivity suite but 100% web based without any required client install. Just like Google Docs or Microsoft Office 360. For now only document and spreadsheet functionality is available.

Given that I only played with it briefly it looks very promising and interesting. I especially like the way that it has been integrated directly into Lotus Connections on Lotus Greenhouse and as such functions as a natural extension of the Files feature of Lotus Connections.

Too bad no presentation functionality is available. I would have loved to do my Lotusphere Comes to You presentations from there… 🙂

Microsoft MIX10 vs Lotusphere

With all the talk we have been having around Lotusphere presentations and the availability of session presentations and video afterwards it’s strangely refreshing to see how Microsoft approach their MIX10 conference which was just held in Las Vegas. If you go to you are able to download all presentations and download or stream all sessions as video (WMV for HD and h.264). They even provide a downloader to download all the contents in one go.

How do you like them apples?