Microsoft MIX10 vs Lotusphere

With all the talk we have been having around Lotusphere presentations and the availability of session presentations and video afterwards it’s strangely refreshing to see how Microsoft approach their MIX10 conference which was just held in Las Vegas. If you go to you are able to download all presentations and download or stream all sessions as video (WMV for HD and h.264). They even provide a downloader to download all the contents in one go.

How do you like them apples?

6 thoughts on “Microsoft MIX10 vs Lotusphere”

  1. Adobe do the same. There’s a whole raft of Flex-based presentations out there from whatever they call the conferences.

    All easily accessed and very useful.

    All I’ve ever seen come out of Lotusphere is a load of dodgy Powerpoint files. Not good.



  2. Wouldn’t that mean that you party all the time because you can view the sessions later on video?

    Lotus knows that every liver sometimes needs a break.

    Seriously speaking. IBM could do that too but as long as the conference is full it would just cost money.

    I think I read somewhere that IBM is a bit afraid that if they offer a strong online presence people would stay at home.

    By the way. I read it several times but session 9 always read like

    “Developing with WTF RIA Services”

    to me. That would have been a real exiting session name (Developing with WCF RIA Services Quickly and Effectively).


  3. Adobe and MS have learned that dissemenating to all is the way to go.  When you are there in person you are able to things you can’t do with a video like ask questions, build relationships and networking.  I remember when Lotusphere was going down this path by showing more live and online but then has reversed it… Lotus, are you listening, wrong way to go!


  4. I have only attended one, but I would like to think that people are going to Lotusphere to collaborate rather than just sit and watch presentations.  At #ls10 I found myself cutting back on the number of presentations I attended to make more time for the things I could only do while at LS.  Meet the developers, listen in to panel discussions, UX labs, Innovation labs, participate in BOFs, talk to vendors and participate in discussions with small groups of like minded Notes developers etc.  The presentations were something I could preview on the plane to Orlando and after I got back.  My decision to return to LS will not be based on easier access to the presentations but rather a continued high level of collaboration throughout the EVENT.


  5. For me it was exactly the same and the major value in LS is in community building, networking, going to the labs etc. I still want to see the session presentations though but most times the slide decks can’t stand alone. Having video and/audio makes it much easier to follow the slide deck. Also slide decks doesn’t cover demos.


  6. There is no question in my mind about the immense benefit of hosting the videos and the PDFs/ODFs. I think if (1) the content was only made available 30 days after the conference, then registrations would not be affected and (2) 30 days, post-conference, it would kick the buzz back up.

    Maybe, the highest rated events would be hosted so that (1) only the best would be seen and (2) it would encourage TED quality of presentations.


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