Awesome link: notes.ini Analyzer

Received a link from a colleague yesterday to the notes.ini Analyzer at It’s just amazing. It does require registration but once you have done it you can submit a notes.ini file, specify the version of Notes or Domino and it will highlight obsolete entries, explain what the different entries does etc. Here are the checks you can do:

  • Remove redundant keys (only the first match will be used)
  • Recase/reorder/resort keys
  • Remove comments
  • Allow us to use this notes.ini for analysis and site improvement.
  • Validate this notes.ini
  • Explain this notes.ini
  • Link entrys with description reference (http link).
  • Check for obsolete keys (you need to set the notes versions)
  • Remove apocryphal/bogus notes.ini keys

It’s just awesome!

Mozilla plugin check

Heard about Mozillas new browser plugin check service today on the SecurityNow! podcast. Nice new service to make sure your plugins are updated across the board. I couldn’t get it to work but it’s a service to keep ones eye on.