Awesome link: notes.ini Analyzer

Received a link from a colleague yesterday to the notes.ini Analyzer at It’s just amazing. It does require registration but once you have done it you can submit a notes.ini file, specify the version of Notes or Domino and it will highlight obsolete entries, explain what the different entries does etc. Here are the checks you can do:

  • Remove redundant keys (only the first match will be used)
  • Recase/reorder/resort keys
  • Remove comments
  • Allow us to use this notes.ini for analysis and site improvement.
  • Validate this notes.ini
  • Explain this notes.ini
  • Link entrys with description reference (http link).
  • Check for obsolete keys (you need to set the notes versions)
  • Remove apocryphal/bogus notes.ini keys

It’s just awesome!

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