Add language to Salesforce CLI scratch org definition from terminal

All my scratch orgs gets created with the user-language set to Danish which is a good guess but I cannot find anything in Setup that way. No Dev Hub setting I’ve found can change that but setting the language in the scratch org definition file will. That’s easily done from the terminal with jq.

cat config/project-scratch-def.json | jq '. += {"language": "en_US"}' > config/project-scratch-def-en_US.json

Bash one-liner for Apex test coverage percentage using SalesforceDX

Update 3 May 2018: There are issues with the percentages reported by SalesforceDX plus it doesn’t report coverage on classes with 0% coverage which will shrew the results. The approach outlined above can be used as an indication but cannot as of today be used as a measure for code coverage when it comes to production deployments. As an example I’ve had the above snippet report a coverage of 88% where as a production deploy reported 63% coverage. We – Salesforce – are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. Stay tuned!

Note to self – quick note on how to run all tests in a connected org (as identified by the -u argument) and use jq and awk to grab the overall test coverage percentage.

$ sfdx force:apex:test:run -u -c -w 2 -r json | jq -r ".result.coverage.coverage[].coveredPercent" | awk '{s+=$1;c++} END {print s/c}'
> 88.1108