Installing Domino 7.0.2 on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

I have been trying to get Domino 7.0.2 running on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS but without success. Based on miscellaneous postings on the web I manage to work out a partial solution.

The process has been as follows:

  1. Install Ubuntu
  2. No SSH support out of the box (apt-get install openssh-server)
  3. Unable to complete install due to missing C-library (apt-get install libstdc++5, ldconfig)
  4. Configure server using remote install
  5. Launch server only to see funky errors on the console but it was solved using approach found on
    • apt-get install gawk <– did not work
    • edit line 86 /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/70020/linux/ = “Linux) Awk=$(where gawk);;” –> “Linux) Awk=$(where awk);;”
    • <restart domino server>

The above process got Domino to start successful but now I’m seeing an error on HTTP task startup (java.lang.UnstatisfiedLinkError: which I have been unable to solve. I found a possible solution on but since there’s no deprecated X11 package that I could find for Ubunto I’m at a loss.

Gotta hit Google unless anyone has some clever ideas…