Installing Domino 7.0.2 on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

I have been trying to get Domino 7.0.2 running on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS but without success. Based on miscellaneous postings on the web I manage to work out a partial solution.

The process has been as follows:

  1. Install Ubuntu
  2. No SSH support out of the box (apt-get install openssh-server)
  3. Unable to complete install due to missing C-library (apt-get install libstdc++5, ldconfig)
  4. Configure server using remote install
  5. Launch server only to see funky errors on the console but it was solved using approach found on
    • apt-get install gawk <– did not work
    • edit line 86 /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/70020/linux/ = “Linux) Awk=$(where gawk);;” –> “Linux) Awk=$(where awk);;”
    • <restart domino server>

The above process got Domino to start successful but now I’m seeing an error on HTTP task startup (java.lang.UnstatisfiedLinkError: which I have been unable to solve. I found a possible solution on but since there’s no deprecated X11 package that I could find for Ubunto I’m at a loss.

Gotta hit Google unless anyone has some clever ideas…

6 thoughts on “Installing Domino 7.0.2 on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS”

  1. Hi Mikkel, I have successfully installed Domino on Ubuntu by installing the missing C library as you mention and then doing a “sudo apt-get install gawk” which did work. I did not experience any problems running Domino after installing gawk.


  2. Hmmm… Do you remember which Ubuntu distribution you installed? I installed the “server” distribution (no GUI) but if you installed Ubuntu 6.1o with GUI and all it might be why you do not see the issues with the missing AWT libraries.


  3. Hi Mikkel, I have done that to on a Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Xen-Guest partition. If I remember it correctly, I did have a similar problem.
    My http daemon is running now! But I had to disable my nsd.
    I’ll check my installation log, this lunch, to see if I can help. Where can I send it?
    And thank you for the nsd tip. I’ll try that to! I apperently asked google the wrong questions.


  4. Mikkel, I just checked my installation of Domino (which is 6.5.5 btw) and I do get a nsd error on startup: “ line 5594: /bin/gawk: no such file or directory”. This was caused by gawk being located in /usr/bin/gawk instead of /bin/gawk on my installation because a change in fixed this.

    And the HTTP task works with no errors.


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