Deploying XTAF dictionaries to Notes clients via a Widget Catalog

So Vladislav Tatarincev just blogger this as well but I wanted to highlight it as it pertains to plugins and widget deployment which is so dear to my heart. IBM has written up a very nice technote on how to deploy extra dictionaries for use with Sametime and Notes 8 and it’s really worth a read. Especially if you write emails and chats in some languages other than English. And yes there are some of us who do… 🙂

Now if just there was an easy ways to switch between the dictionaries at runtime and by easy I mean something that does not require the use of the preferences dialog. It really has to be easy as most – if not everyone – installing extra dictionaries write in multiple languages say Danish and English, German and English etc.

Deploying XTAF dictionaries to Notes clients via a Widget Catalog

Properly signed XTAF dictionaries now available for Notes 8.5.x

The wait has been long but I just got word (via Christian Henseler) that IBM yesterday released properly signed XTAF dictionaries for Notes 8.5.1. In case you’re wondering “XTAF dictionaries” are the common dictionaries shared by Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime and Lotus Symphony. Additional language dictionaries has been available for a while but the Eclipse feature wasn’t signed so it was troublesome to install on client machines. The Eclipse features are now properly signed and they are easy to add to an update site and roll out using a widget catalog.

The bundle you need to grab from PartnerWorld or Passport Advantage is “IBM Lotus Notes XTAF Dictionaries 8.5.1 for Windows and Linux Multilingual (CZHE3ML)”.