Actually making Eclipse work for plugin appdev on Windows 10 64 bit

Just yesterday I blogged about how easy it was to get Eclipse configured for IBM Notes 9.0.1 plugin appdev. And it was easy – it just didn’t work for real development. After I imported all the plugins for the OnTime Group Calendar clients nothing would compile. After looking for a while I could see that most errors was from resolving the SWT classes such as Display, Canvas and so on and that made me think of a similar issue I had on Mac. I dove into the target platform definition. In the target platform definition I went on the Environment tab and set the following:

  • Operating system: win32
  • Windowing system: win32
  • Architecture: x86

I also set the Java Runtime Environment to the IBM Notes JVM I defined yesterday. After that the change to the target platform made everything rebuild – now without any errors and now I could launch the products from Eclipse.

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