Disabling HTTPS communication between IHS WAS Plugin and WAS servers

Many people believe that you have to have multiple servers to run IBM Connections – this simply isn’t true! There’s no reason why you cannot run everything of the same server which is what we do here at the office. When you do that, if all servers are inside the firewall – or if you simply doesn’t care about the security that it provides – you can disable the IHS WAS Plugin from communicating with the WAS server using SSL. A benefit from this is among other things that you do not have to care about certificates between the IHS WAS Plugin and the WAS server which simplifies installation and management.

Any way… For a while I’ve doing this configuration change manually directly in plugin-cfg.xml (by commenting the HTTPS transport out) until it bit us the other day. So I finally decided to find a proper, correct, solution. And of course there is a way to do this and it’s very well documented in IBM Technote 1452735. So if you want to make that change go ahead and do it – I did and it’s working flawlessly.

4 thoughts on “Disabling HTTPS communication between IHS WAS Plugin and WAS servers”

  1. Thanks for the technote! Actually, I’ve been running BleedYellow this way for years but I’ve always just done the configuration changes direct in the plugin config. 🙂


  2. We would like to install a 2-5 person test setup of IBM connections, Websphere and DB2, all on one machine if possible.

    We are thinking about a Core i7-920 quad core, 24 GB RAM, 2×3 TB SATA 6 GB/s HDD, which would also run a Domino 8.5.3, preferably virtualized with VMWare ESXi.

    Does this make sense or do you think it would get too slow (maybe the HDD could be a bottleneck)?


  3. You’re so many, many, many, many leagues better than what we’re using to run a production environment here at the office. We’re running of a 32 bit Windows server (4 gb ram) running under a VMWare server install. I would have no problems using what you’re suggestion for a production environment for 100’s of people. Go ahead.


  4. I have just installed Connections 3.0.1 for a testing environment (about 20 – 30 users)… Everthing on 1 VirtualServer:

    QuadCore, 8GB RAM, 120GB (just C:) on a SAN

    I’am using a productive Domino for LDAP… The performance is surprisingly really good! But for a productive environment, I would separating at least: Connections (one server), DB2 (one server) and LDAP (one server) –> 3 Servers


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