Going to AusLUG? Maybe you should stay an extra day for the Tack-On events!

If you are going to attend the Australian Lotus User Group (AusLUG) in Sydney in August – and you really should – I think you should (at least) consider staying an extra day. The conference is on Monday and Tuesday but on Wednesday there are Tack-On sessions available. Besides presenting sessions at AusLUG I will be hosting a plugin development Tack-on deep-dive/hands-on session titled “Hit the ground running, Eclipse plugins for Lotus Notes and Sametime hands on”. If you want to get started with plugin development for Lotus Notes and/or Sametime I highly recommend you attend this session. Below is the abstract for the Tack-On event:

Eclipse plugin development for the Notes client and the Sametime client does admittedly have a steep learning curve but if you know where to look and get a solid foundation it really does get easier. This Tack-on will get you going with plugins so you can hit the ground running once you are back in your office. We’ll make sure you know the basics and have the foundation in order, before diving into hands-on exercises teaching you how to set up your Eclipse IDE, how to develop sidebar plugins that surface web pages, sidebar plugins that interact with data from web services and how to work with Notes data from your plugin. You’ll also learn how to debug your plugins, how to package it and how to get it rolled out inside your company. In essence everything you need to get going with plugins through practical, hands-on, exercises. This is the sh*t if you want to get going with plugins.

You may read more about the Tack-On events on the session page.

One thought on “Going to AusLUG? Maybe you should stay an extra day for the Tack-On events!”

  1. We’re really pleased that you are making the journey all the way to Oz mate, AusLUG is going to be an event of epic proportions. Thanks for agreeing to make the trip.

    Look foward to seeing you in Sydney!


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