Lotus Community Call presentation

Below is a link to the presentation (click the image for the presentation in PDF format) Tim Parsons and I gave in todays Lotus Community Call. Besides a stunning picture of myself and Tim the presentation contains some info on how to get the RedWiki plugin sample projects from SVN. That info isn’t on the wiki yet but I’ll get it there as soon as possible.

8 thoughts on “Lotus Community Call presentation”

  1. I’m getting “unable to validate” and “could not connect to server” when I try to add the SVN Repository location.

    It still adds it, and then says “folder does not exist remotely” when I click on the repository.

    I can see the folders if I navigate to them through a browser, although I get an error about the certificate that I have to bypass. I’ve tried installing the certificate but can’t get past it.


  2. Hi Mikkel, Thanks for the response. Yes, I did notice the URL on two lines, and I can see the folder and sub folders in the browser when I open the link directly, but I do have to get past the SSL certificate error first.

    I wondered if the SSL error was what was causing the problem with Eclipse not being able to find the repository.

    Is there some specific way in which I can install the certificate which will allow Eclipse through perhaps?


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