Save the date: XPages Documentation Discussion

I found this via the newsletter and I found it worth passing along.

On Monday, November 8th, give a shout out to the documentation team for Lotus Domino Designer. The team is looking to get your feedback on how helpful you find the Domino Designer User Guide (XPages) Help and will be moderating a forum on the topic at for you to shout out your comments
And observations.

The XPages Help provides information that is necessary for
developing web applications using the new XPages technology
available in Domino Designer. Do you like the newly added
controls and properties reference sections? Have some feedback orsuggestions on the usability of the documentation – content that works well, content that needs improvement? This is your chance to really impact the XPages documentation content.

So mark your calendar. Bob Harwood, the Information Development (ID) Lead for Domino Designer, the Domino Designer ID team, and Cara Viktorov, ID Usability Feedback Lead, will be moderating the forum, live, the week of November 8, 2010. Plan to join in and ask questions, share experiences, and collaborate about Domino Designer Help.

Date: November 8, 2010

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