Maintaining a Lotus Connections environment? Well then you MUST see this!

Today a new article on Lotus Connections was posted on developerWorks and it shows you how to install an administration interface for Lotus Connections into Websphere ISC (Integrated Solutions Console). The interface provides easier access to Lotus Connections configuration files and looks like a real killer plugin for ISC. I have got to try and install it tomorrow and see for myself as this is something that has been sorely lacking.

The article is called Introducing the IBM Lotus Connections administration web interface and below is a snippet from the article introduction.

“The administration console utilizes a series of Jython and Jacl script files to allow administrators to work with Lotus Connections. These files provide automated ways to access the Lotus Connections MBeans that change back-end settings in databases and configuration files that service a deployment. Working with these Jython and Jacl script files requires some programming and scripting knowledge; the ability to import packages in the terminal, assign and use variables, and other basic programming concepts, all in the Jython or Jacl languages, are required. These languages, while not inherently hard languages to use, are relatively specialized and might be unfamiliar to the average Lotus Connections administrator. Removing control of Lotus Connections from the administration console and putting it into a web-based solution alleviate the need for specialized skills, providing a cost of ownership reduction to Lotus Connections customers.”

One thought on “Maintaining a Lotus Connections environment? Well then you MUST see this!”

  1. I can’t seem to link to this page anymore.  I get a standard IBM "Our apologies … cannot be displayed … blah, blah, blah"-type message.

    A search in developerworks returns the link but again it just redirects to the "Our apologies …" page.

    Is this just me or has the page actually disappeared?  I never got a chance to try it out so I’d really like to find this link again.


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