Lotus Traveler calendar invites on iPhone caveat

Just after we had our main Domino servers in the office upgraded to 8.5.1 FP1 I looked into doing to Lotus Traveler configuration updates required to be able to process calendar invites on the iPhone. I did the changes, restarted Lotus Traveler but were unable to see invites on my phone. I messed a little around with it but with no success. Today however I heard other iPhone-enabled colleagues mention that they processed invites on their iPhones. WTF!!

Tonight it hit me why. I have been using the Notices mini-view in my Inbox to show calendar invites for easy processing. Having invites show up in the mini-view apparently blocks the invites from reaching my iPhone because after disabling the use of the mini-view in the mail preferences and sending an invite from my private e-mail/calendar system the invite appeared right away on my iPhone. So there it is – problem solved.

2 thoughts on “Lotus Traveler calendar invites on iPhone caveat”

  1. This is I think more an issue with ghosted entries than the mini-view — but either way, it also effects Blackberry users because the ghosting process “touches” the document in a way that it is no longer new. Not an easy problem to solve but we are aware of it in the core Notes architecture.


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