Lotusphere 2010: Lotus knows something about chainsaws

It’s probably no surprise that Lotusphere 2010 is all about what Lotus knows whether that be on badges, at sessions, on Twitter or on my room mirror. The Lotus knows message is really all over the conference and is becoming the meme that binds it all together. Lotus knows a lot. Maybe too much sometimes. The fact that Alistair Rennie is good with a chainsaw is probably one of those things…

(for the uninitiated there was a video at the OGS where people had to mention what they were good at and Alistair Rennie said he was good with a chainsaw)

I really like the message and was happy to hear that the campaign is coming to Europe. It will start in Germany in connection with Cebit (March) and will move on from there. Whether it reaches Denmark or even Scandinavia is too soon to tell.