Lotusphere 2010: Improvements to the web app

Based on the overwhelmingly positive reception of our web application for planning your Lotusphere 2010 attendance (see Lotusphere 2010: Check out this killer Lotusphere planning web app!!) I wanted to update you on the application and the suggestions to functionality you have made. Based on feedback from YOU we’ve added the ability to navigate between days in the “tracks”-view, made sure that all the BOF sessions are imported and that sessions with multiple speakers list all speakers and not just the first speaker. Since BOF sessions start at 7AM a small change to the timebar was also necessary but that should hardly be visible.

As shown below we’ve also added a menu item on the frontpage describing the different ways of reaching us while at Lotusphere. On this page you’ll see e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers and of course Twitter handle for those of us on Twitter.

As always keep the suggestions coming.

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