TwitNotes 1.0.13 available – retweet and SSL support

TwitNotes 1.0.13 is now available and adds some features I myself have been missing for a long time. Most noticeable is retweet support and that  hashtags highlighted and that you can easily search for  hashtags by simply clicking it. All operations are also over SSL now. Below is a list of changes.


  • Added retweet support by dragging tweet from the list to the input field
  • Allow drag’n’drop of text to the input field to easily tweet
  • Allow drag’n’drop of text from the input field to any other site accepting text drop
  • Detection of  hashtags in tweets
  • Allow you to click a  hashtag to search for it on the “Twitter Search”-tab
  • Changed behavior when clicking an author name – now a search is performed on the “Twitter Search”-tab instead of filtering the list
  • All operations are now done using SSL

To update TwitNotes either

  • drag the widget descriptor onto your MyWidgets sidebar panel or
  • do an update installed features operation (for those who know about updates sites etc. this is by far the easiest way to upgrade)

As with previous releases I wish to thank those who kindly reminded me of this problem – nice to see people using it.

One thought on “TwitNotes 1.0.13 available – retweet and SSL support”

  1. Hi Mikkel,

    It’s installed and looks very smooth. The first update was quite painfully slow to be honest, but then that was the case with Tweets60 on my nokia.

    Interesting you made the decision to switch everything to SSL – actually I think that’s the right call.

    As an extra bonus, links actually open in my default system browser (FF), rather than the Notes browser as with the TwitterGadget plugin.

    I’ll let you know more as I come across it, but once again, thank you.


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