TwitNotes 1.0.12 available – finally working on Notes 8.5.1

Ever since the first beta release of Notes 8.5.1 I have been aware that TwitNotes didn’t work on this release of Notes. TwitNotes was able to display and search for tweets just fine but you were unable to submit new status updates. I have been asked numerous times to update the plugin but I just didn’t have the time.

Today I finally took the time to try and solve the problem. And what a problem. It took all of 3 minutes to solve. Another 5 minutes to upload the code to the update site. If only I had taken the timer sooner… Oh well!

So to update TwitNotes either

  • drag the widget descriptor onto your MyWidgets sidebar panel or
  • do an update installed features operation (for those who know about updates sites etc. this is by far the easiest way to upgrade)

As with previous releases I wish to thank those who kindly reminded me of this problem – nice to see people using it.

11 thoughts on “TwitNotes 1.0.12 available – finally working on Notes 8.5.1”

  1. Hmm. For some reason not working for me. When the UI tries to initialize and retrieve my list of people I follow it ties up Notes and it hangs. Anybody else see this? I’m in 8.5.1 on Windows.


  2. I mean for all traffic. While SSL is a must for authentication/login purposes, the problem is that many organisations block traffic to certain sites based on a reputation or referral system – one the one in place where I work, Twitter comes back categorised as Usenet, and is blocked. Traffic over SSL isn’t challenged at all, though.


  3. That sounds great!! And with the new retweet as well!! You don’t get that on TwitterGadget, and certainly not on Tweets60 (I use a Nokia E63).

    I look forward to it, and thank you again


  4. Hmmm…. Did work trials with SSL but they were unsuccessful so I’ll need to do some testing first. Will probably release v. 1.0.13 with the retweeting and drag’n’drop and then a 1.0.14 with SSL support. Hope you understand… 🙂


  5. Not really at present – but I may call on you to test at some point… 🙂 I did some preliminary testing and it wasn’t just a matter of changing the protocol which I had hoped. I need to test a little using HTTPS.


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