Troubleshooting wierd Traveler startup message

Today I troubleshot an issue with a newly installed Domino 8.5.1 server with Lotus Traveler installed. Whatever was done the Lotus Traveler code would not initialize correctly and would print the following errors to the console despite being configured in the Domino Directory:

Notes Traveler: SEVERE *system Server document for server
      SERVER/ORG in domain DOMAIN not found
Notes Traveler: SEVERE *system Exception caught while
      trying to access NTS server settings during
   at com.lotus.sync.admin.NTSSettingsINI.alarmCallback(

After much digging (and some reverse engineering) I found that it was caused by an invalid configuration. One of the first things the Lotus Traveler code does is open the Domino Directory, switch the the Servers view and lookup the server in question using the domain and server name. The domain and server name is read from the notes.ini file on the server using the ServerName and Domain notes.ini settings.

The problem was however that the Domain setting in the notes.ini contained an invalid domain name hence the server name couldn’t be found in Domino Directory. This hadn’t caused any problems mail routing why it had gone undetected. After fixing this small notes.ini setting Lotus Traveler started without any problems.

3 thoughts on “Troubleshooting wierd Traveler startup message”

  1. Hi Mikkel, we have very same problem on two(!) Domino servers, one is our backoffice server and second is independent Domino at customer site (newly installed last week R8.5.1 + LNT 8.5.1).

    Both servers’ notes.ini contains parameters DOMAIN and SERVERNAME, as you posted here and others on LDD. It however did not solve the problem at all. Do you have any other ideas? We tried all (im)possible solutions, incuding complete clean setup from scratch with just server.ID and no luck. I am persuaded that there must be some OS-related setting wrong or so (btw FQDN equals computer name, if you think this way…)

    Thank you for any advise

    Regards Martin


  2. Only idea is to make the server (based on the notes.ini settings) can be looked up on the servers view I specify. Sounds weird. Other than that I would call IBM Support… Sorry.


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