JavaAPI for Servertasks – Documented and Supported

It is very seldom that I feel so strongly about ideas in IdeaJam that I feel they are worth promoting further but this time I have to make an exception. I read a post on Bob Balfes blog about writing server addins and Domino server extensions as Eclipse plug-ins. How crazy and exciting would that be!! The possibility of developing truly cross platform extensions would be beyond words. And coming from a company that actually develop server tasks I can attest to the problems incurred by having to compile for Win32, Win64, AIX, Linux, Solaris, iSeries and zSeries. It’s inzane!

So head on over to IdeaJam and wrote for it – please!!

JavaAPI for Servertasks – Documented and Supported (login required)

One thought on “JavaAPI for Servertasks – Documented and Supported”

  1. I agree completly. While I was developing my freeware tool POP3 Collect Java add-in for Domino, I would have a much easier life if the Add-In APIs would have been documented. I do not understand why IBM does not document these APIs. They work fine and IBM is using these APIs (e.g. iSpy).


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