Calendar-Driven News Feed and Routing Service

Found the Calendar-Driven News Feed and Routing Service on alphaWork and it looks interesting though it requires some infrastructure to try out (“For installation, user needs to deploy the BPEL process and other service modules to a process server such as IBM WebSphere Process Server on the server side; and Calendar, Map and UI modules to a Web server such as Tomcat on the client side.”)

[Calendar-Driven News Feed and Routing Service is] an intelligent life assistant tool driven by Lotus Notes Calendar that provides various services that ease business life.

Calendar-Driven News Feed and Routing Service serves as your personal assistant tool to integrate the following services that ease everyday business life.

  • Google Map Service: When you have an appointment, it will draw a map of your destination, as well as a driving route.
  • News Service: It will retrieve various kinds of latest news based on RSS feeds. Weather Forecast Service: It will retrieve the weather information of your preferred cities.
  • Stock News Service: If you are interested in several stocks, it will retrieve real-time detailed information about the stocks such as the current price, then generate reports, and provide updates at intervals.
  • Notes Calendar Service: It will retrieve and display your daily calendar entries from Lotus Notes.