Having freetime for projects

It’s no secret that I haven’t had the time I really wanted to play around with my pet projects over the last months. I start more projects than I have the time to finish, or at least work with, and besides work and family I just don’t have the time. It’s actually quite an interesting thing how one can get stressed over free stuff you put out there and feel like you just got to update and maintain. Maybe there’s a better way to do it…

At some point I had an arrangement with my fiancee that I had every Tuesday for geeking out but for some reason we got away for that. We discussed it again yesterday and it seems like we have a deal! 🙂 That would be nice. I know it’s just as much my own fault but it sure would be nice to have some time to finish some of my geek-out projects.

2 thoughts on “Having freetime for projects”

  1. Same for me. Too many idea and projects and not enough time. And it’s hard to work just for a few hours on a project and then interrupt it.

    I like to have a feeling like "I have time to work all night until this is finished", even if I finish in less time than the whole night.

    To know that you cannot work on something until it is done is somehow blocking creativity.


  2. Hope you will find time to finish version 2 of lotusscript.doc – what a cool application!


    P.S. You often spell "of cause" instead of "of course".<hints id=”hah_hints”></hints>


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