Lotusphere 2009: Last post about the demos I promise

OK last post about the session demos – really! Don’t know what I did to create a 7 mb archive and even worse an archive you couldn’t unpack but I just created new RAR and ZIP versions both around 600 KB so download away.

2 thoughts on “Lotusphere 2009: Last post about the demos I promise”

  1. Hi Mikkel

    I hope you’re not too serious about the "last post" issue… 🙂
    I finally managed to install your samples downloading them using a Eclipse-based SVN client.

    When I tried to launch the one of the samples all of them starts. I discovered that I had to close all the other projects, so that was okay. But; Even if I try to launch only one sample my Lotus Notes 8.5 client runs terrible slow! In fact it becomes absolutely unresponsible…

    I thought this perhaps had something to do with downloading code from the SVN server while launching so I exported the samples, deleted the SVN-based projects and imported the exported ones. Still slow…

    Any ideas about where I have gone wrong? Using Eclipse 3.4 with Expeditor 6.2.



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