Lotusphere 2009: AD215 – Practical DXL Magic

Just sat through Stephan Wissels session on DXL and it was great. Good slides, not too many of them, excellent demos and altogether a great session. Way to go!

Below are the cliff notes.

  • IResource in DDE returns DXL
  • DXL Studio by Stephan Wissel
  • DXL Explorer
  • Setting setForceNoteFormat=”true” makes export round trip safe but not usable for anything else than round tripping (== binary)
  • stream out has to be UTF-8
  • Switch of “Compile LotusScript” to avoid script related import options; you can always recompile later
  • Watch out for line break issues; improvements needed; work from DOM tree in memory
  • If export fails try exporting design elements one by one; issue is probably a race condition as an 88 millisecond wait between design elements makes it work
  • Get a decent XSLT/XPath editor – NO Notepad/vi
  • Approx. 156k lines of LotusScript in all IBM templates – thought it would be more (based on 69 templates
  • Cocomo tool for estimating how much time it takes to redo code
  • Cool demo showing how to transform a view to a XPage, some copy/pasting required but it works like a charm
  • Even cooler demo transforming a view to a XPage, again copy/pasting required but worked perfectly