Lotusphere 2009: Cool demo – if I may say so myself :-)

My Lotusphere session preparation is in full swing and as previously mentioned this includes preparing demos.

The latest one I have done is about drag’n’drop and how you can use it to do some cool stuff. The demo shows how you can drag text from an e-mail to a sidebar plug-in and have the sidebar plug-in accept the drop. Then when you drag the text from the sidebar plug-in it is converted into a PDF document hence drag’n’drop from the sidebar plug-in results in a file. Text in – file out.

Using Wink I did a Flash movie that shows the demo.

Think how this could be extended to converting product items to PDF for custom quotations on the fly…

8 thoughts on “Lotusphere 2009: Cool demo – if I may say so myself :-)”

  1. Sure I will release it and it will be part of my demos at Lotusphere. If you want to get started and you’re going to Lotusphere I suggest to stop by session BP106. The plug-in runs fine in earlier versions than Notes 8.5 though there might an issue with dragging text from e-mails as I think this was added in 8.5.


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