Lotusphere 2009: Abstracts submitted

This morning, very very early morning, I finally submitted my abstracts for Lotusphere 2009. Two sessions on plugin development and one on developing custom blackboxes for the Sametime business card system. In both plugin sessions I will demonstrate and tell what I have learned developing plugins for the Notes 8 client – both from TwitNotes and my commercial plugins for my company. The Sametime session will be an extension on the similar sessions I have held at a number of Danish user groups. It goes without saying that all three sessions should be accepted… 🙂

If I could have it my way both plugin sessions should of cause be accepted and run like 101 and 201 style classes with the former being an introductory session and the latter a more in-depth session. An alternative would have been to go for a JumpStart but that seems to be more “This is how you do Java” or “This is what DWA is all about” type sessions. If you think I’m wrong please let me know and I’ll write up another abstract – I’m in no way shy!

I’m crossing all I got…