Lotusphere 2009: The heat is on!

So registrations for Lotusphere 2009 opened just a few hours ago and Duffbert is all set after waiting in line for a few hours on Twitter… 🙂 It’s amazing how Lotusphere registration is that special day when the excitement starts building. I know I’m excited and I’m looking forward to heading to Orlando.

This year is going to be a little different as I’m going as part of the Intravision team (this was also true last year but still) and we once again have a both on the showcase. It’s weird not being among those clicking refresh all night and rush to it.

Once again it’s also time to think about session abstracts and those of us planning to submit session have probably been fine tuning the abstracts for the last few months. I know I have and hope to get a session or two this year. I have 6-8 abstracts up my sleeve that I want to submit once the final quirks has been ironed out.

Better get to it and remember to tag your Lotusphere posts with “lotusphere2009”.