SWT@Notes 8: Workbench startup and the Accounts API

So one of the things I have been wresteling with over the last couple of weeks is the Accounts API in Notes 8 / Expeditor. While very nice at the core it does leave something to be desired. Trying to interact with the Accounts API from a plugin running in Notes can and probably will result in an exception and the following messages being printed to the OSGi console if you happen to be looking there (which you really should). Look for an upcoming post for any easier approach… 🙂

CLFMW0050E: Workbench is not ready to handle
   background thread request !
CLFMW0036E: Workbench is not ready for this

Suffice it to say that the lesson is that the Accounts API might be the same across Expeditor based clients but the implementation differs. For instance On Notes the accounts are stored in the local name and address book while it is stored in other formats in other Expeditor clients. This is all well and good but the fact that a Notes database is the backend store on Notes leaks through the API. The above messages are solved by running the code that access the Accounts API in a NotesJob. Really!? This is very poor design IMHO but something I think we have to live with.

Ahh the frustrations sometimes makes me want to scream…

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  1. I don’t know about you, but I keep coming across many things in Sametime and Notes that feel like hacks to get the product out quick.  I keep referring to Notes internally as FrankenNotes as it appears to be lots of bits from different places.


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