Amazon web services – amazing!

I just got a billing statement for my usage of the Amazon S3 storage service and it’s amazing! Well not the actual statement but the contents of the statement. The statement shows that I have 5.36 USD due.

I uploaded around 3,5 GB of data to my account but what I’m paying for is not the storage costs but the transfer costs. Bandwidth is more expensive than storage! Of the amount due is 0.54 USD for storage and 1.08 USD is tax. The rest is transfer and bandwidth.

For those interested I’m using Amazon S3 for backup of my laptop (and with the problems I have been having with my laptop disk lately I’m happy I’m backing up once a day). To make Amazon S3 look like a drive and to handle the actual (scheduled) backup I’m using Jungledisk which I can highly recommend.

Update: Just saw an article on developerWorks on Amazon S3.

2 thoughts on “Amazon web services – amazing!”

  1. I’ve been using this for a while, and it is ridiculously good value.

    Exploring the newest Jungledisk just now, I’ve noticed that they’ve introduced "Jungledisk Plus" which (for the extortionate sum of $1/month) adds some useful features like:
    – resume for interrupted uploads of large files
    – upload of block-level changes in large files, rather than the whole file each time
    Both of those could help reduce the upload charges even more if you’re backing up NSFs – definitely worth a look.


  2. Hi.

    I ran postgres 8.3, in two EC2 instances, for a month.  I was using replication between the instances.  Grand total: 34.11.  Simply amazing.  My storage costs were around what yours are.  The rest was computing power costs. 

    I’m actually using live mesh to back up my important files but I will check into jungle disk.




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