Really like being able to minimize sidebar plugins to an icon

Prior to Notes 8.5 it wasn’t really an option to load many sidebar plugins as they, even when collapsed, would take up a great deal of screen real estate. From Notes 8.5 you can choose to minimize a sidebar plugin to an icon at the bottom of the sidebar panel which is really nice. You do this is in the part menu by selecting “Minimize to Icon”.

In my Notes 8.5 client I run the following 10 sidebar plugins:

The latter six I run minimized as I use them less often that the other four. Below is a screenshot of the minimized sidebar plugins.

You might say: “but what about performance when running so many sidebar plugins?” Well due to the way Eclipse is constructed no code from the the sidebar plugins will be loaded until you activate it so having many minimized plugins is without any performance penalty. All that is needed to show a minimized/collapsed sidebar plugin can be read from its plugin.xml file.

4 thoughts on “Really like being able to minimize sidebar plugins to an icon”

  1. Gee, thanks, Mikkel. glad you like my design.
    And when Notes 8.5 ships, you and Samantha will be able to drag UP tominimize them as icons at the top as well, if you want!


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