My steps for installing Lotus Connections 2.0 FP1

I installed Lotus Connections 2.0 fixpack 1 at a customer site today. It wasn’t as easy as expected and I had to restart the installation program 3 times but eventually I got through. Here are the steps I went through:

  • Stop all Lotus Connection features
  • Download fixpack and the update installer
  • Unzip the installer to a directory called “update” under your Lotus Connections installation directory
  • Create a directory called fixes in the “update” directory you just created and copy the fixpack to this directory
  • Rename the to LC2001_Fixpack.jar
  • Open DOS prompt on Lotus Connections server
  • Run command: SET WAS_HOME=<path to WAS e.g. c:ibmwebsphereappserver>
  • Initialize the command prompt by running <path to WAS>binsetupCmdLine.bat e.g. c:ibmwebsphereappserverbinsetupCmdLine.bat
  • Navigate to the “update”-directory and execute this command: updateLC.bat -fixpack -install -installDir <path> -fixpackDir <path> -fixpackID LC2001_Fixpack -wasUserId <WAS user> -wasPassword <WAS admin password>

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