ILUG2008: Battle of the giants

I’m back at out booth in the exhibitors area after attending Nick Shelness session titled “What are Microsoft’s Plans in the Collaboration Space?”. We met Nick over a pint of Guiness on Tuesday so I had already heard some of the message but it was a really good session with some very interesting contents. The bottom line? He thinks IBM/Lotus is loosing terrain to Microsoft and that Microsoft has now become that trusted partner that IBM used to be. Also he had some nice slides on how the Microsoft portfolio cover the space – I need to get a hold of them…

Besides that it was interesting to see that he appeared a little bit intimidated by the fact that the IBM’ers (especially Ed) was attending. Oh and Ed couldn’t quite resist taking the bait on some of the comments… 🙂

Only point where the crowd did object was when he said that Notes wasn’t built for workflow. That didn’t go down very well with the attendees!

4 thoughts on “ILUG2008: Battle of the giants”

  1. "he said that Notes wasn’t built for workflow."


    I hope Charles Robinson was there.  Dealing with workflow on MSFT platforms has been a particular complaint of his lately.  I would imagine he’d be particularly vocal at that point.


  2. I think Nick may be a bit behind the 8ball of late but he has an excellent mind so hard to doubt him.

    Makes you wonder if him and Ozzie are hanging together or NIc consulting to MS?

    Conspiracy theories 🙂


  3. Nicks comment about IBM/Lotus loosing market share to Microsoft doesn’t match with what IDC and some other analysts are saying:

    Microsoft         44%    46.3%    50.6%    52%     52.6%   51.4%

    Lotus              45%     42.7%    39.7%    37%    39.1%    40%

    Year               2002     2003     2004    2005    2006    2007


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