ILUG2008 session

So my session at ILUG2008 has been moved to Friday at 2:30 PM in the big room – don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. The title was rushed to the organizers due to me being too busy so on the agenda it’s called “Creating power sidebar plugin” which isn’t so great a title. As of now the working title is “Developing sidebar applications for Notes 8 – while staying sane…” and will address a number of topics that I had to figure out the hard way when I started doing sidebar development. I will try to address as many as possible and we’ll see how far I get. Oh – and if you have specific requests let me know before the session.

If I don’t get to cover it all I hope I get to do the session again at Lotusphere… 🙂

See you all in Dublin tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “ILUG2008 session”

  1. Thanks for the great session. It was one of my ILUG highlights. And by far the best sponsor’s session! Can’t wait to try the same stuff as soon as your shown examples will be available here 😉


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