SWT @ Notes 8: Notes 8 design guidelines

This is the first post of what I plan to make a returning series of posts on using the SWT widget library in Notes 8 that is writing plug-ins, sidebar applications etc. I will als include posts on Java issues you need to consider. It’s always good to do a soft start so I will start by pointing to another post. Mary Beth Raven just published a link to the user experience design guidelines for Notes.

"This white paper describes user-interface design and
interaction guidelines for designers and developers who
are building IBM® Lotus® Notes® applications, IBM Lotus
Sametime® V7.5 or later plug-ins, IBM Lotus Symphony™
plug-ins, IBM Lotus Expeditor plug-ins, or composite
applications (assembling any mixture of plug-ins, Lotus
Notes applications, and components built with IBM Lotus
Component Designer)."

There are a lot of gems such as programmers should refrain from using Question and Confirm dialog boxes and how to capitalize sentences. It sounds like small things but it’s important if we want a consistent interface.