Lotusphere 2008: Predictions for OGS topics

Following the recent talk of Notes coming to the iPhone I have been wondering about what other exciting stuff may be announced at Lotusphere 2008. Ed Brill mentions eight announcements for Notes/Domino! Below are a couple of my guesses/wishes for the OGS:

  • Universal client – Notes 8.x as a “native” frontend to Microsoft Exchange server using the CSI Java view engine making Notes *the* client of choice for the enterprise
  • Mac/Linux – GA dates of Notes 8.x incl. Domino Designer on Mac and Linux making them first class citizens in Notes-land
  • Traveler for iPhone – Official announcement Notes Traveler for iPhone (and Symbian OS to include in Nokia users)
  • NMFR – Even firmer roadmap for Notes+ and a GA date for what Bob Balaban calls NMFR also unofficially known as 8.5 incl. running Notes without an ID-file and using other LDAP directories (e.g. AD) as the directory
  • Roaming/NOMAD – Notes 8 in NOMAD-mode aka Notes-on-a-stick to solve the lack of roaming in Notes 8 Standard
  • Lotus Symphony – Endorsement of the IBM Lotus Symphony initiative by major industry players to form a real alliance against the Microsoft Office dominance and expand Symbian support to the Mac
  • Lotus Connections for Domino – integration to Domino that allows customers to use Domino Directory as the source for the Profiles component instead of having to pump data to DB2 thus making it easier to deploy Lotus Connections
  • Lotus Expeditor – a clear strategy for the Lotus Expeditor platform incl. how/if IBM will keep up with the Eclipse platform and how Expeditor progress in relation to Notes and Sametime
  • Java – Duke making an appearance to make it clear that Java is in the Notes client to stay and that developers and customers should “skill up”

There is a fair chance that I will need to update/revise the list after the OGS on Monday… 🙂

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