Apache Directory Studio

I’m currently on a Lotus Connections project and needed a LDAP browser to test authentication and searching. Previously I have been using a Java LDAP browser with a UI that really was lacking. Today I discovered Apache Directory Studio which is built on the Eclipse platform. The application is free and a really good LDAP browser. It also contains a LDIF editor.

The application is a full fletched LDAP browser and is made up of a couple of Eclipse features. You can download the application as a standalone RCP (rich client platform) application, as features for your existing Eclipse IDE but should actually just as well be able to use the LDAP browser directly from Notes 8 Standard. The LDAP browser ships with a perspective so it should be doable.

If it ran inside of Notes 8 it would be a killer admin. tool and easily distributable inside your organization.

I tried to install the perspective in Notes 8 but it isn’t possible since the features depend on the org.eclipse.search feature which isn’t shipped with Notes 8. org.eclipse.search is however supplied with the standard Eclipse 3.2.1 which is the same version as Expeditor 6.1.1 builds upon so it should be possible to download the Directory Studio source code and repackage the perspective to do a perspective which is installable in Notes 8.

For now however I have to run the application in Eclipse or as standalone.

3 thoughts on “Apache Directory Studio”

  1. Very nice!  I will definitely have to download it and take a look.  I’ve also been using some small java gui app that was very lacking… perhaps even the same one 😛

    I’ve been using LDAP more and more to sync login systems from external apps, and query our various address books.

    Nice Find.


  2. No I think I was using some home grown LDAP browser which hadn’t been maintained since 2001 or something like that. I think it was in AWT or early SWING. As to the link it has been fixes – thanks for pointing it out to me.

    FCKEditor – I would like to take to credit but I’m using a blog package written in Java called Pebble. Find it at http://pebble.sourceforge.net.


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